Progress July 17th, 2012

Big steps this weekend.

July 17th, 2012

Lots of things have happened over the last few days, including lighting updates, bike saddle goings on, etc. But first…… the BIG step.

DOOP finally got to ride his sled on Sunday evening – check out the very brief video (below) of his launch out of Andy’s driveway (my camera battery died just as DOOP and I made it onto the street – sorry). I can now get to work on sculpting his stuffing and he will soon be back up to fighting weight and stature.

And for detailed footage of how the foot works, see:

I have decided to use mini hurricane lamps on the fronts of the bikes, instead of the predictable LED bike lights, or similar, and they arrived on Friday. They will be painted and some other adaptations made to them so that they can ride safely on the front of each bike. I am also planning other lighting, including ground effects lights under the sled, rear bike lights and some form of illumination of DOOP himself.

These are the lamps that will be attached to the front of the bikes.  They are 8″ tall and will  be painted what we are referring to as “DOOP blue” – a darkish, slightly green-grey colour.

This are the lamps that will be attached to the front of the bikes and they will be painted what we are referring to as “DOOP blue” – a dark, slightly green-grey colour.

Work has begun on remaking the saddles for the bikes – the existing ones are pretty ugly and badly need reupholstering.

Now is when I need your help. As I post this update (July, 2012) I have broken the 50% mark on the Kickstarter and I have a week left to raise the other half. Please consider helping out in any way you can – no amount is too small, believe me.

Yup, clearly stuff has been bought or we could not have got this far, but cash didn’t change hands, plastic did, and you know what that means. If you can’t kick in a few bucks I understand. But whether you can or cannot donate, please tell your friends, enemies, co-workers, ex-employees, neighbors, UPS delivery person, dog walker, dog groomer, anyone you can think of, about this project. If it makes them smile I will be very happy. If it makes them throw me the cost of a box of Milk Bones (DOOP loves Milk Bones) I and DOOP will be delirious.