Progress July 9th 2012


As of today, July 9th, the following has been accomplished:

  • The Kickstarter is underway and is slowly growing – please help out by letting all of your friends know about this silly project.
  • The sled is built.
  • The metal subframe for the sled is built and the wheels have been attached, including the crank in the back axle that will provide the motion for DOOP’s right leg.
  • The bikes are here too.
  • DOOP’s armature is in the process of being constructed – this past weekend we started with his right leg which is articulated at the knee and hip.  Once the foot is   connected to the crank on the back axle of the sled, it will move back and forth just as if he is “peddling” the sled as it moves forward.  “Peddling” is when the musher steps off one of the runners and helps move the sled along by pushing with one foot, just like a skateboarder getting his speed up on his board.  We also have both legs constructed and welded to his feet (two steel plates that will be inserted into his boots).  The left boot will then attach to the left sled runner and the right one to the crank. (See photo below).
  • Potential fire effects have been tested on a demo rig and we have some of the parts to make that happen on the sled.
  • We have done the first real design work for the “gang-line” (more like a “gang-triangle” in reality) that will link the bikes to each other and the sled, allowing them to steer and generally function as bikes do while letting folks ride them without clipping their heels and knees.
  • Lighting is also in its final design phase right now – as long as we don’t make too many changes to the configuration of the gang-line and bikes.
Here are DOOP's lower legs and feet in production.
Here are DOOP’s lower legs and feet in production. They form the lower part of the armature that will hold DOOP upright. The flat metal feet will slide into his sledding boots and will then be attached to the sled.