Progress October 17th, 2012

October 17th, 2012

Autumn is here….and so is news about DOOP

So much has happened since I last posted to this page.  In summary……

The Kickstarter was successful and we pressed on with the build fueled by the support of our friends old and new, and by the excitement of leaving for Burning Man with DOOP.

“The Adventures of DOOP” Facebook page was established by one of his biggest fans, Sarah Taylor.

We managed to get the four bikes (yup, the bike team increased from three to four) working together and DOOP drove us round the block a couple of times. Check out “The Adventures of DOOP” for pictures and video of the inaugural runs

The oil lanterns for the bikes were painted, as were the bike fenders and chain guards, even the bike seats were reupholstered.

Then unexpectedly my plans to head to Burning Man had to be set aside due to my dad suddenly taking very seriously ill. I returned home to England to be with my family.

I am happy to say that as I type dad is slowly making a recovery and I have returned to the Pacific northwest.  Right now I am working in the field near Lewiston, Idaho, and picking up plans to get DOOP back on track and ready for his first event outing with the sled.

During the months I was in the UK, I was able to do a few things for DOOP.  Chief among them was making his new sledding hat.  Based on one of my own, it has a classic cut with ear flaps, is lined with sheepskin and has been adapted to accommodate DOOP’s ample ears.  For a silly video of it being modeled visit “The Adventures of DOOP” Facebook page and look for the entry “New Sledding Hat” dated 20th September, or better yet check out the photos below of DOOP trying it on for the first time.

DOOP wearing his new sledding hat for the first time.
…..and the side view

I also almost finished a pure silk, lightweight version of the DOOP sledding pennant.  This one is for use in light winds and for fancy, special occasions.

But this was not enough for DOOP…………………..

Feeling a little abandoned by my sudden departure, DOOP decided that, like Cinderella going to the ball, he would go to Burning Man after all. Unbeknownst to me until a couple of weeks ago, DOOP hitched a ride to Burning Man 2012 (assisted by Andy Tibbetts and Alysia Crissman) and returned to the place where he was abandoned in 2009, but this time with attitude and determined to have fun, something he appears to have amply accomplished if the photo-evidence is anything to go by.  His adventures even included hanging out with a bunch of British Burners.  The sled and bikes? Well, they stayed in Portland but DOOP’s reconnaissance trip means that he is now well prepared to get his team harnessed and ready to pull him around the playa next year.

Andy, DOOP and the Lost Penguin
Andy, DOOP and the Lost Penguin.
Bunny Car
A dog meets the rabbit of his dreams.
DOOP and Andy share a drink with the Brighton Burners.